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PS4 Morpheus VR Headset Launching in 2016


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So at least we now have 'time frame',sort of.

Gamespot said:
Today during a special event at the Game Developers Conference, Sony announced that a consumer model of the PlayStation 4 VR headset Project Morpheus will launch in the first half of 2016. A new prototype headset was also revealed.
The new Morpheus prototype features nine tracking LEDs, which Sony says should make positional tracking more accurate. The new prototype, which features a 5.7-inch screen, also supports a 100-degree field of view and 360-degree tracking.

Enhancements are being made to the new Morpheus headset centered around ergonomics and display. The latest model sports a 1920 x RGB x 1080 OLED display, meaning all pixels have RGB sub-pixels. This enables low persistence, removing motion blue cased by the LCD screen from the original prototype, Sony said.
The newest Morpheus prototype also features a 120hz refresh rate, which is double compared to the first edition, Sony said.
Sony has also made improvements to the Morpheus design in terms of comfort. The new prototype features a single band headset design and quick release button. This, Sony says, should make it easier for players to put it on and take it off. The new headset is also lighter than the original model, hopefully helping users find it to be more comfortable during play sessions.

Pricing for the consumer model of Morpheus was not announced. Sony also confirmed it will show more games for the device at E3 in June and during other industry events.
"With the technical specs achieved on the new prototype, we are one step closer to realizing our vision for making amazing VR experiences on PS4, and ultimately to deliver a real sense of presence to players," PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida said. "We believe that the near-final technology of Morpheus combined with the power of PS4 will provide a standard for game developers to target as they build on their creative ideas and turn them into VR games and experiences."
I hope they are taking into consideration people with glasses. Not sure if they can do this or not, but would be great if the screen could be adjusted to use without glasses to match a prescription.

I will be buying one of these as soon as it is released, VR has been one of those nerd fantasy things since I was a kid.


I hope they are taking into consideration people with glasses.
I agree because I wear glasses too but I also doubt they will.
I don't know if I am excited or scared by an equipement like this one... :grin

The Morpheus should be available for purchase from middle 2016.
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I only want to be able to use it as a TV screen, I don't want to have to move around so much.

A lot of times when I play games, I kick back in the recliner have a couple drinks and don't want to move.


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Yeah,would be good if it could double a TV screen.
So you could play regular PS4 games and watch movies that way and ofcourse play purpose built PS4 VR games.

I go have virtual glasses I bought a few years back,it only has RCA/composite inputs and resolution is only 320x240 so its pretty crap.
You can get higher res ones but to much for me.


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This is some exciting news. Can't imagine they'd be less than 150 bucks though. I just really hope that the public is ready for this. Sony doesn't need a repeat of the Move ;) Especially how VR seems like a really cool concept.

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