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Ps4 Mic and party chat issues


New Member
Recently I have been playing quite a lot on the ps4. However, yesterday my mic suddenly stopped working and I haven't been able to fix it. I believe the results are causing the mic not being picked up. When I go into party chat, and try adjust mic volume, that doesn't work and the only time it is picked up is when I plug my controller into the DS4. Could anyone help me find a solution? Thanks in Advance.


Hi Adi,

what kind of mic is it? How's configurated? Is it part of the headphones? Where do you plug it? Is it wifi? Circumstances where it stopped working?

Give us details please otherwise it's hard to help you, thank's! :Onya


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As for the kind of mic and the configuration, I am not sure but I know it is a Sony headset, with a built in mic. I plug it into my DS4 controller at the headphone jack. It was working perfectly until yesterday, where I was playing and it suddenly stopped picking up the audio from my mic. I am not sure what caused it.


Ok Adi,

be sure your controller is fully charged, be sure the jack is clean and firmly plugged in.

From the homepage, go to Settings / Devices / Audio Devices / Microphone Level

You should get this screen:


The 'Microphone level" bar should be set as shown in the image, eventually more.
The "Input volume" bar should fill up by talking into the microphone.

Make a test and tell me what you obtain.
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I did what you said and when I ran a test. The input volume didn't spike at all, other than when when I plugged my headphones into the jack and pulled them out.



It's now to check if the problem is your mic or your controller.
Much probably it's the mic, because if it spikes when you plug it in / out means that the controller is sending the signal to the console.

If you have another headset with a mic (the one you use with the smartphone maybe?) plug it in and see what happens.

Or viceversa:

Use your Sony headset with another device, a smartphone or a digital recorder for example.

We need to be sure if the mic is working or not.
My mic works with other devices but has suddenly stopped working

I did what you said and when I ran a test. The input volume didn't spike at all, other than when when I plugged my headphones into the jack and pulled them out.

I have exactly the same problem. My the mic on my GIOTEK FL300s suddenly stopped working on the PS4. They work fine on my iPhone and they were working fine on the PS4 until Thursday. I have run through all the things that SUPPORT suggested and come up with the same results as Adi. I have swapped with other headphones w/mic and having the same issue - the mics have suddenly stopped working. I have tried the quick take out and plugin of the adapter which was a solution for many for the 3.5 update, but that doesn't fix it. I have update version 4.01 and have no idea what to do to fix it. Buying new headset is not likely to work as I have tested with other headsets.

Please help me :(
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