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PS4 get's 6 months DLC exclusivity for Watch Dogs and AC4


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Yesterday Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami stated that the Xbox One and PS4 are almost identical in terms of hardware. In fact, he only needs one of the systems to develop a game, the other one should just work. If true, it means Sony and Microsoft’s battle for the attention of gamers will mainly come down to securing exclusive content. And it looks as though Sony has scored itself a major win in that regard.
Sony has secured exclusive rights to the DLC for both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 for 6 months. Both games are expected to have 60 minutes of additional gameplay offered through DLC, but in order to play it first, you’ll need to purchase the PS4 versions. That fact has been confirmed in a new PS4 promotional video you can watch below.

6 Months is a long time to wait for a DLC, I'm sure this will make a bunch of xBox fans turn to the PS at least the fans of Ubisoft games.
As a huge fan of Watch Dogs I would definitely get PS4 for this reason, wait 6 months for new content would be exhausting and I would probably just forget the game by then.

What do you guys think, would this make your choice differ between buying one console or another?
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I personally don't care much for DLC, and I see it more as a company tool to profit more, which is understandable since they do have to fight piracy, and I do see it as a way better option to just telling people to "just stop pirating please". For me, 6 months exclusivity is not too big of a deal, as I'm not a person that's interested in what's current. I'd only be impressed with permanent exclusivity, but reading your post made me understand more the value of 6 months when it comes to games and their fans.


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I am personally getting sick abbout all this stuff, just release it at the same time for everyone.


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I'm also getting tired of this.
Just release the damn game for everyone. If it's good enough it'll sell good and everyone will be happy.


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It does make sense though. The PS4 needs more of a boost game wise since the launch titles are pretty weak right now. But for Wii U and 360/One owners I do have to say that the 6 month delay sucks. Would a month be more reasonable? Why 6?


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It's always been about the exclusives though. You want to play Halo then you need an Xbox, Zela/Mario then you need to go Nintendo, Final Fantasy then you need to go Playstation. But this is one of the few times that DLC delayed releases have been so long. For the most part, it's only about a week or a month tops before the other platforms can it.


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Holy mother of Jesus, 6 months! TAKE THAT MICROSOFT! I hated when black ops dlc would come out a month or so later than xbox and there were just tons of people getting the jump on how it all works before I got a chance to have fun with the maps.


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That does suck for the Xbox One owners but I'm sure that there are games that Microsoft has locked down for a while before the PS4 gets it. That's just how business works, and then there are the games that neither console gets. I personally can't stand stuff like this but it is something that we're all just going to have to deal with for a while.


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While I don't buy much DLC, I do appreciate if it's extra content and not just some added in lost mission that should have been part of the original game. AC2 is one of the games that I felt like its DLC should have been present. Mass Effect 2 had a little bit of okay extra content but honestly I'm yet to be impressed by DLC. I prefer episodic content instead.
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