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Ps4 game updates


New Member
Hi , it may sound like a dumb question but somehow never managed to know the answer so here we go:) Are the new game updates replacing the old ones? Just wonder as in some games new patches are way smaller than the old ones , so how's that possible?


The Watcher In The Wings
Hi , it may sound like a dumb question but somehow never managed to know the answer so here we go:) Are the new game updates replacing the old ones? Just wonder as in some games new patches are way smaller than the old ones , so how's that possible?
well the way the console works if you were to delete the cached data on lets say an xbox360 it would go back to an older version. everything is stored so unless its removed from the game completely nothing is replaced, everything is just added on


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Interesting. I always thought the patch overwrote the corrupted/updating code instead of just adding on.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
normally thats what it does, but the data should still be there in most cases

The data from the old software update? I hate that to be honest. A lot of these patches are in the gigabytes of data. No wonder my 2 terabyte hard drive is already mostly full :mad:
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