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New Member
Evening party goers,
The new update will not load in the PS4. I used the thumb drive with the folder PS4>UPDATE>and new update in here.
Nothing, put the update on a disc, nothing. In safe mode I have clicked all options. No matter what I do all it asks for is the damn update.
It will turn off if I click option 1. I cannot remember all of the options right now but I have systematically went through and eliminated. Even re-downloaded the update and I needed to reformat the usb drive. Nothing!!!!!!!!
Error code SU-41337-8 is popping up.
Thanks in advance.


New Member
had same problem. Fixed it by starting PS4 in safe mode (hold power button until you hear two beeps), then did a rebuild database, then downloaded the update and it installed ok. No loss of data with this either.

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