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Project Morpheus' PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset


New Member
anyone see anything about this and when its come out i will be geting a ps4 in two weeks from now and it the Destiny Bundle one any good games i should get for it


New Member
heard it's just like the oculus rift. Hopefully it could blow it's prices right out of the water.
It is good to see some other work being done in the VR front. Having choice is always good. Though the Rift will be more versatile I think whereas the Morpheus will most likely be locked to the PS4 or other Sony products.

I really want to try one of these units, it has been one of those sci fi dream things since I was a kid.


New Member
No news on Morpheus release date ye, I doubt it comes out anytime soon.

If the price is right I think it has a chance to go mainstream(better chance than Oculus). I saw the demos and it was quite impressive.


Sony has announced that it will be hosting a nearly four-hour event focusing on its PlayStation 4-based virtual reality headset Project Morpheus on Tuesday, March 3rd, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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