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problem with (non sony) ps4 controller disconnection


New Member
hello to everyone, i have a little problem and maybe i can find some help here to fix it.

i bought a gearbest ps4 controller, a chinese copy of the original sony ps4 controller, the seller told me that it will work on my ps4 without any problem, i asked him many times to bu sure, i purchased the gearbest ps4 controller to save some money, when it arrived i tested it and it worked but it disconnects before 5 minutes, after 3 or 4 minutes playing it disconnects and can't use it again, i need to use my original controller to keep playing.

i was thinking that the controller came with some malfunction and i talked to the seller him sent to me another one, but it has the same behavior, it works fine for 3 or four minutes and then it disconnets, after the disconnection i need to use the original sony control to keep playing, if i turn off the ps4 and then turn it on again i can use the gearbest again for 3 or 4 minutes, same problem; this happend also if i use the gearbest ps4 controller with the usb cable connected to it.

after that, i have pluged the gearbest ps4 controller on my windows desktop computer to play shadow warrior, what was my surprise, the control has worked without any problem for more than an hour.

at this point i don't know what is happening, i don't know what i need to do to make the gearbest ps4 to work fine with my ps4, the seller lied to my when he told me that the non sony ps4 controller works fine with the ps4 ? or i need to do something special to make the control work fine?

thanks in advance for all the help.


a chinese copy of the original sony ps4 controller

I think this is the problem.

You're not the only one experiencing such issue. For other gamers using the same controller is also impossible to play after a few minutes because it looses the ability to use the sticks & the buttons.

the seller lied to my when he told me that the non sony ps4 controller works fine with the ps4 ?

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