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Private Message (Conversation) PSA


Staff member
Okay, so a user thought it was a great idea to send a few users a Private Message, which is known as "Private Conversation" on xenForo. That user invited me, and a bunch of users. I've responded to the user, with instructions to everyone in that conversation. I'll do that here in public, because eventually, someone is gonna be annoyed with it. So: How to stop a Private Conversation? Well, everyone has to leave the conversation. It's like a real conversation in the real world.

How to leave a conversation? Press the "Leave" button.

So, why am I posting this publicly? Because, I discovered it as a e-mail. There are options to not receive these messages, but that's not the point of this thread. The point of this thread is, if the person is bothering you with these private conversations. Invite me, I'll look at the situation, and reprimand the user if need to be. To ignore the user, hover over the user's name or avatar, click on it. Even hovering over it will bring up the user's card. With it, it will bring up the user's stats, and buttons, one of those buttons should display "ignore user."

Now, once you've either reported the user, and/or invited an admin like me, we'll look at the situation and reprimand the user or ban the user. Now, to leave the conversation, press the "leave" button - what this does is stop delivering new replies to your account or your email address (it's basically a receipt of receiving the message).

Thank you and have a nice day.

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