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Petition for a real update for MGS 5 The Phantom Pain


New Member
Metal gear Solid is a story of a decade. It is to this day one of the most popular video game series of all time. Stealth game fans know all about this. The last sublime game from Kojima and Konami which is titled Metal Gear Solid 5 is despite its shortcomings a masterpiece. Recently the game has received very late updates but nothing to add to the experience of the game. This petition is addressed to fans of the game on ps3, ps4 and xbox console.

1.We want the integration of the two difficulties of the late missions of the game but from the beginning of the adventure; that is to say having the choice of EXTREME and SUBSISTANCE.

2.New side missions

This game is wonderful and it deserves more follow-up than just updates which are nothing in the end.

I'm counting on you Diamonds Dogs


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