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Party Chat on Update 2.0?


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Hello everybody my name is Joey. I like this forum and all if the questions that are answered here. Ill get right to it - Can i record a party chat with the new 2.0 update?Im trying to record videos on my PS4 with a group of friends on a party chat. The thing is only my voice is recorded. Now ive read online and found out how to do it using a "snowball" usb mic thats around 50-60 bucks. But before i spend that kind of money i just wanted to know if the problem has been fixed with the new update. And if not. If anybody knows of a cheaper easier way. Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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I don't believe you can record a party chat, even with the recent update.

You'll probably be able to do it with an external mic and recording equipment but by default you cannot record a party chat.
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