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Own ps5 no Bethesda and all this game pass


New Member
Hi I’ve always been with PlayStation got ps5 at launch always been a fan of Bethesda games but then Microsoft bought the company, I am so gutted more so I was looking forward to starfield which will now never happen… on ps5… then I hear game pass is something ps5 is really missing out on…

for the first time hate to admit it but the thought of owning a Xbox is slowly nagging me… I keep having to slap myself and try and pretend Bethesda doesn’t exist and never happened…just to avoid buying a Xbox.

oh and forget owning a pc to play Bethesda as would be cheaper to own a Xbox..


Staff member
Microsoft owns Xbox. The Bethesda acquisition makes sense for Microsoft, since Microsoft and Pete Hines have been talking with each other since Bethesda had breakout successes over the years.

Fortunately, you don't have to buy Xbox if you don't want to, you can buy it via PC or Game Pass. Bethesda is already a PC developer, soooo.....
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