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Of course there are issues with Battlefield 4 Premium


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At this point, I can't even be mad at DICE. Instead I just feel bad for them because if it can go wrong it does go wrong for this game. As we all know Premium has been pretty popular with a lot of people purchasing it but of course this game is jinxed and there are issues. My understanding is that people either can't access it or install it. Are you having problems yet?


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I think it should just be expected at this point that there will be problems. Not saying just write the whole thing off because it could possibly be saved, but I wouldn't go in with the highest of expectations. When it comes to Premium, there should be as few issues as possible since people are shelling out more case for it and this is where it really paints DICE in an even worse light.

Your "premium"/"preferred clientele" service simply shouldn't have issues. My brother isn't having any issues though and I'm glad, he's a huge BF fan.


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Probs with premium? Only just bought it and everything seems to work fine for me,I have all the unlocks/extra's and China Rising downloaded.
Signed into battlog.com,says Im premium there too...customized my character and added clan tag,all OK.
You have to manually download the China Rising DLC, installing premium does not install it automatically (a big oversight IMO) but I haven't had any issues per say.

I think paying an additional 75% on top of the original purchase price to access the DLC's is robbery. But that is never going to change. And I do like all the exclusive content you get with premium. It just feels like a bit of a rort you know.

KZ does DLC properly. All free. Buy the game. And all the DLC's are free for the life of the game. Ah well. Only in a perfect world.
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