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Oddworld Soulstorm Enhanced Edition Question


New Member
Hell All,
Im new to the forum. First off let me say I know this game is probably not popular on this forum as I did a search and did not find much of anything. I purchased the OddWoeld Soulstorm (Enhanced Edition) as Ive been a long time fan of the oddworld series so I was excited to play this latest iteration of the franchise. I am very disappointed in the gameplay and moreso the extreme difficulty this game has (even on the lowest skill setting). The game has tons of bugs that they said were fixed with the "Enhanced Edition" but I dont see that. I almost want a refund. I must admit Im not an avid gamer as I used to be but I have good gaming skills and at times I just want to sit and enjoy a good game. But having to attempt a jump to ledge close to 50 times just to move ahead is ridiculous!! If it isnt the ridiculous amount of repitive mumbo jumbo and the sligs killing you at the slightest movement its some other dumb "puzzle" or "enemy" to contend with. I just cant enjoy the game. It has a LOT of potential. The graphics are great and for a sidescroller I dnt think Ive seen anything better. BUT MAN!!! the gameplay SUCKS!!!

My question is:
Whats the latest version or patch for this game?? Isnt the Enhanced Edition supposed to have fixed all (or at least the majority of the bugs)??
Whats the settings to play this game at its most easiest level because I may be missing how to do that??

Im at my wits end and found myself almost throwing my DUAL SENSE controller against the wall a couple times LOL!! luckily i didnt.

Thanks in advance. Hope someone can help or if not, point me in the right direction at least.

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