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November 2013 Member of the Month

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Well guys, we had some great runner ups for the November 2013 Member of the Month award, but alas, there could be only one ultimate winner this month. Without further ado, lets give a big congratulations to CpmPanda! You rocked it out this month and your commitment to posting new content on the forums as well as replying to others has won you an awesome prize! Frantic will be contacting you shortly to get your prize to you. Keep up the great work everyone-This forums ROCKS because of all of the hard work and ideas that you guys put into it!


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Wow! Thank you guys! Holy crap I won something! Sorry I've been inactive, net issues for almost 2 weeks. Living without internet sucks so much!! My phone sucks for internet too but least I got to slowly check my facebook. Thanks again guys! Makes me feel awesome as hell! :D Happy Holidays my friends!
Not open for further replies.
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