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No Sound From Telly When Removing Mic From Controller


New Member
I have my PS5 console set so that I can party chat with my friends through my microphone and play games with the sound through the telly.

The trouble is that when I am done with the party chat, when I pull out the microphone from the controller, the sound from the telly practically mutes, not fully as you can hear it a little.

To get the sound fully through the TV again, I put the microphone back in and out of the controller a few times (the sound coming from the telly again when I put it back in) and only then does the sound come fully from my telly with the microphone out of the controller.

Has this happened to anyone else and what is the fix?


New Member
I think thats basic connection problems at the cable… might need a new cable or new mic if the cable and mic are one piece. Otherwise check to see that its changing in the PlayStation menu when you press the PlayStation button after taking it out

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