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Next Update Suggestions for PS4 (Feedback)

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Hello, this post is to list some features that should be added or fixed for the PlayStation 4 on the next update. Feel free to add your own. I hope you'll agree with these suggestions and do what you can to let your voices be heard so that Sony can address these issues. This is not to request unreasonable improvements, however it is to list those features that were expected to be on the console.

- obviously address issues with freezing and crashing, especially those occurring on the PS Store or when navigating the PS menu
- alter the new message system in its interactions with a PS3. Currently when a message is sent from a PS4 to a PS3, the messages will be separate, with a blank subject, so replying to a specific comment on a different subject is confusing. No 'chatroom' feature exists like it did on PS3, which means messages can't be viewed in-game and users will need to inconveniently pause the game to view what the "new message" is. Fix this or add chatroom.
- the box that the user types in when sending a message to a friend is too small, so that for slightly longer messages, the beginning of the message cannot be viewed unless slowly scrolling left by holding L1. Fix this.

- when using the button on the keyboard equivalent to 'shift' or 'caps lock' when double tapping that button, numbers remain as numbers, rather than becoming their regular symbols, making expression that commonly involves "&" and brackets very, very difficult. Also, colon and semicolon, commonly used for emoticons, are also inconveniently located in a sub menu that has no quick button link, so the user needs to go to the bottom of the keyboard, click the symbol sub menu button, up to the desired symbol, back down to the regular letters sub menu button, then back up to finish typing. This is slow and uncomfortable. The PS3 keyboard layout is better than the PS4's. Fix this.

- add the ability to hide (do not display) profile avatar or profile picture for privacy at log-on screen, or at least allow the log-on avatar to be distinct from the PSN avatar
- add the ability to hide the full name at log-in screen or at least make the log-in username distinct from the real or PSN name. (as they were separate usernames on PS3)
- remove the auto-filled email for "forgot password, sign in to PSN" when pressing the 'option' button, for privacy reasons
(it reveals the user's email to anyone using the console, without the need for the passcode and this privacy issue must be fixed)

- even a very basic theme changing setting should have been added. The user should have, at least, been able to change the blue PS4 theme to a color they prefer. Customization is important for a user's experience. Start with this basic feature before third party themes are added later. Since theme choices are available on PS3, this feature having not been present is extremely disappointing, making the product feel rushed.

Please submit comments or questions below and help me send these issues to Sony. The more people who send it, the more likely they are to include these fixes in their next update, whereas they may never fix them, otherwise. If you have any other reasonable feedback for sony, also leave a comment. Thank you.


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Please use this STICKY topic: http://ps4forum.com/32-playstation-4/2491-playstation-4-patch-wishlist.html

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