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Need help with NOR templates


New Member
Hello everyone. I'm new to the PS4 forum thing and I would greatly appreciate your help in finding where to download good NOR templates for my make of PS4. My PS4 is stuck in the dreaded "firmware loop" problem and I'm sure it can be fixed by dumping and correcting the corruption in the NOR chip. I have a SAC-001 motherboard, a MXIC (NOR) along with a WiFi / Bluetooth(?) package AW-NB218-2-22180-0BH REV 1.1 I have followed the 3 videos as per Andrew Paul (thank you) and have built my Teensy 2.0+++ programmer, have downloaded all of the software (SPIway, HxD, PS4 Acid Flash tool, etc.) BUT I cannot locate any source of known good NOR templates I can use to compare my NOR "dump" to. So this brings me to my question and request for the communities HELP!

Question #1 - Do I have to know which exact firmware version my console got stuck on? It was in the 6.xx update range. Do I HAVE to reassemble my PS4 to check which version of the 6.xx firmware it got stuck on, or, will any version of a 6.xx NOR dump for a REV 1.1 Wifi / Bluetooth package work for comparison?

Question #2 - Where on earth do I download a known good NOR dump for my MXIC? The link provided by A. Paul with his templates has long since dried up!

Please throw this fella a bone!

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