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[MOTM ANNOUNCED!] Nominate a member for Member of the Month here - July/August!

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Just a reminder that there is still time for you to nominate somebody!
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Only a few weeks to go people.
Come on,post your nomination here and help decide who gets the July/August member of the month title. :)


Ajally123 is a pretty active cat. Ridge contributes nicely and gets discussions going deeper--Inception style.


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I'm sorry, I'm fairly new here I don't know everybody and I have yet to cover a lot of ground around here, So don't feel left out cause your name wasn't called.
I was going to nominate Ciel as they have stood out throughout my research an postings, contributes to the forum without coming accross negativly or rude.

But honestly the majority of you seem pretty polite and great to be around, I'm glad to have stumbled upon this forum.
Thanks guys.


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Only a few weeks to go people.
Come on,post your nomination here and help decide who gets the July/August member of the month title. :)

You should update the first post then. It says: - If by the end of the first week of August no-one is nominated, the staff themselves will pick the winner.

I abstain from voting because picking one member out of a community is too difficult for me that, and I'm useless with names.
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You should update the first post then. It says: - If by the end of the first week of August no-one is nominated, the staff themselves will pick the winner.

Thanks for pointing that out Derri! Have now gone back and edited it. It's been a bit of a mess lol.


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Time for nominations is almost over.
If you have'nt nominated for July/August please do so now.


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First off, a big thank you to everyone who nominated a member! Great to see people are interested in the Member of the Month contest :)

So after tallying up the amount of nominations, please say congratulations to the July/August Member of the Month:


An outstanding member who I think everyone knows by know - Ciel has shown great commitment, has been friendly and very helpful towards other members.

So let's give Ciel a big applause!

You will receive your site trophy very shortly and a cool personal MOTM image beneath your name to show off for the next couple of months :D
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