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Minecraft - PS4 - I'm a noob.


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Now I've never played minecraft *holds for gasps*

However I really like the idea of a social game and I think since a couple of my friends love Minecraft then I'm going to get it for the 4 and we plan to do fun stuff together. However since I've never looked into/played/ minecraft I was wondering if anyone had any tips?

Master Phooey

New Member
Right off the bat you should find a tree and punch it. The very first thing you should focus on is building a tiny box/ house with a door and torches that has a bed inside for you to sleep through the night. if you want a crash course on minecraft add me and I'll help ya get your bearings on my map.


New Member
I never played it either until it was released for PS4 and my bf bought it for me. I've been playing for a few days now and pretty sure I have the hang of it, already have diamonds, gold, iron, and emerald (mined not traded). Still learning small things of course but I can't believe I waited so long to get into this game! SO ADDICTIVE!!!

I need more friends to play with tho :c Add Me? :3


New Member
Maybe it due to me being an older gamer, but I downloaded the demo and just don't see what others do. I hacked a couple trees, ran around some, but square blocky things just did not appeal to me.


New Member
I'm pretty much a noob myself but I did play it on PS3 before. If anyone wants to do stuff together, add me.


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I spent a countless number of hours watching others play Minecraft before I finally got it myself - so I considered myself fairly knowledgeable about it without even physically playing it, if that makes sense...! It has to be, hands down, one of the most addictive games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. I have it for my PS3 and it's almost the only disc that's been in it since the game was launched on it.

During your first few days, the basic objective is to simply survive. As already mentioned, the first thing to do is to start punching away at the trees to get as much wood as you can. The only tools that you'll need early on is basically an axe and pickaxe (possibly a shovel). If you find yourself near a cliff edge - brilliant. You can dig your way into that for your first house. Simply dig a a single block width (two high) out for the entrance and put a wooden door on it. You can hollow out a small house for yourself beyond the first layer/block past that. This is where the shovel comes in... If there's nothing like this nearby, a basic wooden house can be thrown up in a matter of a minute or two. After setting up a basic base, I then usually go out on the hunt for food and coal. Once I've built up enough stocks, only then will I go for a bit of an 'explore'. I rarely leave the vicinity of my base until I have a reasonable amount of basic resources.

One tip that I do have is that if you have a proper house, rather than one in a mountain or whatever, build two or three stories to it. I put most of my resources on the top floor for the simple fact that if a creeper comes nearby and decides to detonate right on top of your house (this has happened to me a few times even when I've been indoors at the time), your stuff won't be destroyed with it - it'll hopefully be far enough upwards out of harms way. The current 'ground' floor on my current base on my PS3 game is actually around seven or eight blocks up in mid air - connected by a simple two block width staircase at one end which is walled on either side with double doors at the bottom. I've used it for a while now and so far has yet to incur any sort of damage.

If it's available on disc for the PS4 (I've no idea...), then it'll be a 'must purchase' as and when I do get the console. I would struggle to live without Minecraft...!

All we have to do as Minecraft fans, given recent news, is that Microsoft won't ruin it.


I purchased it two days ago for my son :) I've never played it but by reading all your positive comments, I decided to get it too.


I feel his addiction-ness! I suffer from that too.

Me too. Not for Minecraft but for other games I can't stop playing.
Then, if by one side I have to act like the good father who tries to educate his son with something that's not only videogames, by the other side, silently, I can't blame him at all, because I feel the same addiction... lol.


New Member
In 23/24 years of gaming, I can truthfully say that Minecraft is one of the most addictive games I've ever played. It's a game which you can play at just about any age and still get pleasure from it – a very rare beast indeed. A real no-brainer of a purchase.

The best thing about it all is that it's cheap too. My PS3 version cost £15 and I think I've spent more hours on that than just about any other game in the last two years. I really wish I was joking, but I'm not…! Before I started playing it, I’d spend hours of my spare time watching a few select people playing it on YouTube – the addiction become that bad…

I'm generally useless at all the enchanting business and potions. I've never really understood that aspect of it or making Redstone work for that matter, but I’d say I’m reasonably competent at the rest.

What does the PS4 version offer over the PS3 version exactly? Any offline improvements at all? As I don't 'do' online gaming, the PS3 version basically gives you a vanilla version with near enough the earliest incarnation of it's graphics! Not a disaster by any means (some of the mods have gone over the top for me) but it would have been nice to get the slightly 'smoother' looking version available.


New Member
I think Minecraft is being realistic in the most unrealistic way possible and that's why its fun for so many people.
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