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Minecraft no longer a launch title


New Member
Turns out Minecraft isn't coming to the PS4 with no real reason why.

4J Studios
@LEGENDxTAZ No, it won't be a launch title.

I think perhaps 4J Studios is getting stretched thin. I mean how hard is it to port over Minecraft to an x86 platform? I am thinking maybe porting the 360 version is proving time consuming. They mention the TU14 patch which has not even hit the 360 yet and is still behind the PC version. Hopefully its being delayed to match PC. I want horses and fireworks.
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Can't say I'm too sad about it since I don't really like Minecraft.
But I know having it as a launch title would help the console sell more. I guess Microsoft gave Mojang a lot of money to keep it exclusive for a while.


New Member
Well, its kind of an old title anyway. I mean really how long ago did it release? Its like saying "I guess Skyrim wont be on the new consoles"


New Member
I was just about to say how I don't really care about not having Minecraft either. I mean it would be a great addition to the launch, but it is certainly not a necessity.


New Member
Well, I don't think it affects me too much as I have Minecraft on the 360, but it'd be a shame if it was outright unavailable. The way I understand it, he's just saying it won't be available at launch. If so, this isn't that big of a deal.


New Member
I quite like Minecraft, but from my limited playtime on the 360 version of Minecraft, I can't see this being too big a problem. It felt incredibly limited compared to the PC version, and I can't see many people that would buy a PS4 purely for Minecraft.

Naturally, having more games is always better, but of all the games that could have been delayed, this is hardly a problem.

Dark Septagon

The Tru7h is Darker
If its been delayed then i am sure that there is a very good reason. I would prefer them to take the extra time to give me a working game then to hurry up and give us a broken one.


New Member
I think it's alright, I doubt many people were looking forward to playing it on PS4 anyway, it's just that type of game that can be good pretty much anywhere because it doesn't seem to rely too much on graphics. They should be fine even with the delay, I think.


New Member
I'm more than sure Microsoft paid off the Minecraft team to stay loyal to them. There can't be any other reason why, at least there isn't anything I can think up off. This isn't the first time they have done this, I can't name other incidents of the top of my head but Microsoft has been known to do these business practices and frankly I'm tired of it. I haven't seen Sony take such desperate and drastic measures to ensure their console will domination the market. I sort of pity Microsoft at this point, their really trying to do all they can to take gamers money.


New Member
I've always felt that Minecraft was best played on PC. Its just my opinion though so I am not really worried about it not being a launch title.


New Member
Eh honestly not really to concered about this, sure it might be fun for people who have not played Minecraft and want to play it on their console (if they do not have 360) but honestly I can not really imagine playing it on anything other than the PC seeing as it allows mods.


New Member
I am wondering if they're just trying something new? Maybe re-designing the engine or even the game itself? Wouldn't they want to keep up with the times and launch Minecraft onto the Next Generation of Gaming?


New Member
Since it would just be the same version we have today, I don't have any problem with it.
It's indifferent for me.


New Member
Probably developers problems.They can be really hard sometimes to solve.Exporting can be a big problem from native platforms!


New Member
This is a game that will run on any PC.
So, whether it's a launch title or not, I do not see why we should see it negatively.

It will soon return in 2014. It is a good idea if they will optimize the game Otherwise, it tjuste are because Microsoft has sent a small team to check Minecraft.

This is not the game I'd immediately Next-gen anyway.
With all the free-2-play available on PS4, I think it's really a minimal loss.


New Member
You make a very good point Picki, it seems that unless they upgraded the game for next-gen. The graphics were like Skyrim, oh yeah I would buy that. If it's the same ol' Minecraft but just on Consoles, then no, let it keep its glory on PC.


New Member
I have no idea how to play Minecraft but that's because I'm a Playstation gamer haha. If I were a live streamer or something; maybe Minecraft would be my game of choice. Why would they put that game on consoles anyways? That's so odd.


New Member
I honestly don't care. The Xbox/Android versions were pretty atrocious too, I don't see how they could make a console version that's on par with PC, even with next gen hardware.

It'd be nice to have it as a title, but there's no reason why you can't just play it on PC. Plus there's map editors/texturing/modding/proper multiplayer support which makes it way more fun, something the console port will likely never get.


New Member
I'm not too disappointing as I mostly play Minecraft on my PC. I guess I could see how it could help sales of the console but I doubt it will majorly change anyone's mind as Minecraft is available on so many other consoles.


New Member
I'm not to bothered by it. Minecraft is everywhere really. On mobiles, consoles, and of course the PC. Honestly the PC version to me is superior and I don't play it on consoles but I don't see how it not being on the PS4 is hurting it any. When it comes out, I'm sure that people will be it but for now it's not a huge deal.
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