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mgs5 the phantom pain to reduce cutscenes in favour of pure game storytelling

Well the last MGS game I've played (Metal Gear Rising) is so full of cut scenes that I just can't stand it. Yes, cut scenes enable players to experience the story more, but its a game, not a movie. I know MGS is known for the cut scenes but I think they should focus more on the game as much as the story.
I'm good with fewer cutscenes in most games or rather cutscenes that aren't so long. Like 'Prayer said, it's a game, not a movie. MGS 3 had that perfect balance of movie/game when it came to the series to me.
I actually didn't mind the cutscenes in MGS4. I already expected them and they were in a way an integral part of the MGS experience to me. The Phantom Pain seems to be changing a lot of stuff, hopefully it will still be recognisable as a Metal Gear game (and a good game, ofc!).
I liked the cutscenes but most criticism is aimed at MGS4 and I haven't played that yet.

MGS5 will be very different from its predecessors but I think that's good.
Sometimes MGS cutscenes can get long, specially those which talk about historical stuff, I also hate the talk over the codec, I usually skip them.
but overall, its MGS, it must have cool cinematic cutscenes with length of 5 minutes each xD.
Kojima says that The Phantom Pain would be 200x bigger than Ground Zeroes. If that means that it would have 200 more cutscenes than Ground Zeroes then count me out. I love the cutscenes in the Metal Gear Solid series. But I think there are some scenes that could have just been left out because they tend to drag along a bit thus making it very boring at times. I say just put cutscenes when necessary and not overdo it.
It is an interesting choice to make as cutscenes have been such an important part of the MGS series. However, I think that MGS4 overdid it with the cutscenes and it would be good to scale back somewhat. I thought the flow of Ground Zeroes worked really well.
I'm also one of the few that loved Metal Gear for their cutscenes. :( I mean I know that it isn't a movie and that it's supposed to have more gameplay than scenes but I really enjoyed watching it and it didn't really seem like I was missing out on a lot of the game time. To be honest I kind of felt like cutscenes were a reward for trying hard to move through levels unnoticed. I also played Rising. Although I didn't think that they overdid it with cutscenes at any point except maybe at Metal Gear 4. They may have overdone it with a 27 min. cutscene but I think storytelling is what defines MSG as a series.

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