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Looking for Teammates in Destiny? POST HERE!


New Member
Hey all My PSN ID is SweligantStYlEz i am 27 from the uk and just looking for ppl to do strikes and such add me with message saying (Forum Add) so i dont reject thank you.


New Member
Hsentry2206 is my psn. Just looking to hook up and help ppl with strikes,raids etc,not bothered what level your on as lomg as we can have a laugh along the way,take care =)


New Member
sentry2206 is my psn. Just looking to hook up and help ppl with strikes,raids etc,not bothered what level your on as long as we can have a laugh along the way,take care =).


New Member
20 from Arizona, USA
I am looking for people who want to do the raids
just message me raid and ill add you


New Member
I haven't posted in this thread in probably a year. Add me at Sir_Ridge for all your Destiny companion needs.


New Member
Hey everyone, Seasoned Vets and Newbies. Come join our community on the PS4 communties section. When you join you will be adding a new flavor to a long awaited guild formation. Who are we? We are the Traveler's Guard. Welcome one, welcome All.

So, how do I join, you ask?

Step 1: turn on that PS4.

Step 2: Click the communities tab.

Step 3: Type in the search bar "Traveler's Guard".

Enjoy! Guided by honor, and shielded by Light. We are the Traveler's Guard. Make a community party for raids, crucible, or just to make some new friends in the journey to rid the world of creatures of dark.

Thanks, and I hope to see you online.
-Rojak_Spelunkit (Community Owner)


New Member
Ravenous Guard is actively seeking recruits. we will be a small, close knit group. Max of about 40-50 members tops. we will be setting things up in preparation for Destiny 2. If you are at least a decent player please come and apply. We will not take just everyone this is not a numbers clan. This will be a place to provide serious gamers a home to ensure they have a great playing experience to raid and do PVP and get things done quickly and efficiently. Imagine no more having to LFG and hope you get a Fireteam that knows what they are doing or that can quickly finish the raid. Imagine beating the raid regularly in 30-40 minutes. And a place where you can message people quickly and easily to form a group. We have a site, and a Discord server. If this interests you please message me PSN: Mimefighter
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