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Looking for Teammates in Destiny? POST HERE!


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My Psn is RLCsnipes. I'm just looking for people to play with in the crucible or to do some missions with, I'm a level 20 titan so feel free to send me a friend request!


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Looking for anyone willing to play cooperatively. I am Pacific time US. 25 year old EMT and won't annoy you lol. I have a mic and would like to use it!

PSN: Stroyza

I have a level 21 Titan and a level 13 Hunter as of July 10th 2015.
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Hey guys the name is Sean I have a Level 32 Hunter and have recently dove back into Destiny but I have no one on my friends list playing anymore, I am looking for people to play all non matchmaking parts of game. I will play both PVE and PVP. I'm on randomly from 3pm to 10pm PST depending on my work for the day. My PSN name is Canna_King just like my name on the forums, please put something in your friend request I will not add blank requests.
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Like many, most of my regular people don't play anymore, so I'm looking for new folks to do Nightfalls and other non-matchmaking stuff with. All three characters are level 32. I need to finish the final story mission on HoW on all three, and the final Eris mission on my Titan and Hunter.

I'm usually on in the evenings PST, sometimes during the day depending on my workload (I work from home). I have a headset too.

I'm "RobG-ADV" on PSN.


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psn: bigchatts i wana do all story missions and raids again for the final time before fallen king arrives then i will continue to indulge in pvp


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Looking for People to Do Prison of Elders Level 35 with. Willing to do POE level 34 as well. Have Level 34 characters of all three classes Gjallahorn and primary weapons at 365 in all three elements.


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Looking for anyone who's interested in doing Trials of Osiris. So hard to find a fireteam and I'd love to play more in it. Also interested in earning the Hunters Armor. Eastern Time Zone, Florida specifically. Shoot me a message on PSN if you're interested.


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Add me to play any mission. I'm at LV32 hunter and looking to get to 34. Needing help with POE LV32 and up. Thank u


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psn name is scrapy312 , love destiny and just got it for the ps4 but don't have any body else that really plays it so never have finished the firestorm missions. Looking for players and on mostly weekends Saturday morning central time


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I just got back into Destiny, looking for casual players to run some strikes or missions with. It's way more fun to play with company. I play a Titan and at around level 34.
My PSN name is Zinbi and I'm in the eastern timezone. I'm mostly on in the evenings.
Feel free to add me! c:


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PSN is DJSwaybach, looking for teammates for Destiny to help me with strikes, bounties, crucibles and more. I'm level 26 with 116 in light. I play on the PS4 by the way.
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Me and another friend looking for a fireteam for the new raid and nightfalls, both level 40, 285+ light. GTs: Sureme_Xtreme and sackboycanaan. In the UK so afternoons on weekdays and all day on weekends. Thanks.

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