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Looking for Teammates in Destiny? POST HERE!

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If you're looking for teammates or competitive players in Destiny (PS4), please POST IN THIS THREAD!

The forum for Destiny was getting messy so I have deleted old posts and ask for those who posts got deleted please post again in this thread :)

Feel free to leave your PSN ID and what or who you are looking for. Also don't forget to mention what time zone you are in for the convenience of others.

Happy playing!
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My PSN is Sir_Ridge . Feel free to give me an add. I'll add people who post here that I know, but not people who have posted once or twice. I'll glady accept friend requests from randoms though.

Because of my terrible work and sleep schedule I could be online any time of day, so I'm sure I'll run into everyone eventually.
I've been looking for people to play with as well. Thats actually how I found this board in the first place. I usually play anywhere from 4 pm to 6:30pm and 8pm to 9-10 pm EST. Gotta eat dinner and hang out with the wife for some of the evenings :P Just looking for someone to Strike with or do some of the other things. Level 21 PSN: zer0ryd3r

P.S. I play other games too but I'd swap over if someone needed help or a teammate
Just looking for people to have a bit of fun with playing Destiny.
Based in the UK
I'm a shift worker so don't get to play all that often :-(
Think I'm level 27 old timer looking for support on raids or any game type, trying to defeat xylor the unwed. Play random UK times. Have been honing my PvP to complete some exotic bounties so can pass on my pain in the form of wisdom......
Looking peeps to complete hard strike missions with on destiny.

Psn: B-man1991

Level 19 hunter

In Western Australia. But I play at random times
I'm looking for a fireteam to complete the exotic weapon bounty where I have to kill xyor (or whatever his name is) shoot me a friend request if you're up for it. My psn is sapphirescarab (ps4)
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Me and my friend are looking for 1 player to complete a team of 3 to do strikes and completing bounties or whatever we want to do, hoping to get to the vault of glass soon :D, we are lvl 24, we play usually on weekends and after work so around 10 pm ET(ON, Canada)
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Hey there. Lv 28 warlock maxed classes looking for people to do dailies, weeklies, nightfalls, and raids with. Have a mic and I'm pretty friendly. Drop me a message or request at PSN handle "wicenator" :D
hey yeah im looking for teammates aswell. mainly for strike missions. Timezone - ireland. My psn id is "shauney03"
Hi guys I'm a level 23 hunter, looking for some people to do strikes with and things like that. Could really do with some people to do the new The queens wrath with.
PSN jaytee1991 feel free to add me.
Level 24 warlock. Just finished the story so looking for some people to run strikes with. I need more materials to level up legendary items and weapons. Add me PSN Schoat333.
looking for some ppl for missions and lvls

like the title iam looking for some players so we can make some missions and exp too
in Game name:MTAwfik662
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Copperman in game I'm older than some.. I'm 44. If anyone looking for teammate I'm just ok at this game so remember that.
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