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Looking for other players in Minecraft? POST HERE!


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I have a huge fun map for all.earn my trust and join me with the build! I broadcast often.names Will be mentioned. Feel free to join just for fun and exploring. Add me!! Username: Jamiefpv


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Hi my new Joe. I'm 32. I'm looking for a group of people to YouTube with. I have an extensive video background and would love to try my hand in Minecraft videos. Creative and survival worlds. Extravagant builds, hilarious survival games, maybe even some tutorials and trap/trolling Lols. Interested? Add me: Spinewall. Send a short message about yourself and what parts interests you!
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I just switched from xbox to playstation so i'm looking for people to play with. I'm 17 and like survival, yo. I like to host worlds as well. PSN: hazel_hennessy


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Help Wanted

Hello, I have a world I'm trying to turn into a townscape and could use some extra hands, I have a castle located to the east of spawn on a sandy peninsula stocked with unlimited food and xp (I have an afk grinder) . Rules are located just inside the castle when you arrive, if you're interested in building the Mushroom Kingdom please leave me a message or friend request on psn: threefootblunt. Thanks!
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Hi, I enjoy playing minecraft on my ps4 but I tend to find playing along gets really annoying so if you want to join me just add ME!
Timezone - GMT


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Hello all, I am looking for some younger kids to play Minecraft with my 8 year old boy. He has a mic, but I am looking for clean fun, he's not ready for teenager conversations and I'm sure you don't want his advice. PSN ID is awesomekidcole. Add him if you want to play.


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I've been hosting a big survial server for a long time now we have 5 castles, lots of materials, item sorter for everything in the game, bulk item storage, item delivery pipelines, automatic rail system to every castle, automatic super furnace, and we're looking to have more members either to help out on currect projects, claim some land and build your own castle or claim an abandon castle. I'm our server's Redstone Engineer and we have some architects if you need any pointers. Server runs 24/7 and I do regular backups to my RAID-6 NAS (super safe file storage), and I have battery backup unit on the PS4 and NAS.


Must be 18 or older

Must have a Mic

Interested MSG me! All friend request MUST have a message or I'll assume its spam and block you. msg: repairmant87


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Today, 02:07 PM #1
KingofFrance KingofFrance is online now
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2nd Kingdom of France
Hello everyone. I am King of this new empire that is in need of YOU. We need loyal, respectful and obedient men to serve in government and in the military. We are based on Minecraft PS4 and we would greatly appreciate your help. Interested? Message tomboy2011 for more details!


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My girlfriend and I have been playing regularly on our world and we would love some company and especially a hand with a project. We’re hoping for some people older than 16 but hell, any age will do as long as there’s some maturity. Feel free to give me a message on spn. My id is Star7742


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Minecraft players on PS4.

My name is John and I've owned Minecraft for about a year now and I still feel lost. LOL, looking for others to join up with and play Minecraft with. My PSN is AuburnTigerFan2 so hit me up on there if you want.

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