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Looking for other players in Minecraft? POST HERE!


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Hi Tom70h, my son is 6 and looking to find people he can play creative online with...i cant find you when i search your id, add me please so i can set it up for him, thanks
Im creating a world in survival, ive got it set up so you can get most of the trophies extremely fast, feel free todrop in and say hi or join the build.
psn is MorbidCuriosity-


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Hi! KittyKatKayluhh here! I'm 21, an active player seeking friends on Minecraft!

If a friend request is sent, be sure to add your age and where you saw my post and we will get started!
MATURE players only please!


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New minecraft ps4 server pvp - join now

Hello fellow PS4 Minecrafters

i am am starting a brand new PVP server today at 6pm.


1) no X Ray cheat
2) no killing villagers
3) no destroying blocks in any bases
4) max team size is 3

Break any of these rules and you will be kicked from the game instantly .

Apart from rom that there are no other rules so whether your a lone wolf, or you want to team up the choice is yours .

I would prefer to invite people with mics as it just generally makes the game a whole or more fun.

the world will start on small map, then once there are 6 players or more I will upgrade to medium which can facilitate up to 40 players easily .

Add me me on PSN so you can join the game

my username is dean_oakford

look forward to speaking to you and may the games begin :)


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looking to join some people on minecraft, psn delphosXoni
i have a mic and im a 24yo male just looking to play minecraft, preferably survival but im fine with creative as well.
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Hello all. New to the minecraft thing and was looking to join some people to learn the mechanics of the game. Think I understand the basics just wanted to play with others and see what else I can learn. I would prefer playing survival non pvp. I am American but currently in Korea. Add me if you would like to link up and play some time. Username is ace86jr. Im over 21 and have a mic but dont use it that much.
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hey man, you can join me I need about 2-3 people to join me and be in my lets play videos... if you are interested just add me on psn {thewolfgamer443}


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Psn: inputsmile
Age: 23
I have a mic but dont use it much
Also play blacks op 3 and gtav
hey wassup... I have all 3 of those games... if you are interested you can add me... I usually play gta 5 on my "killstreak7754" account and the other 2 on my "thewolfgamer443" account...


The Watcher In The Wings
hey wassup... I have all 3 of those games... if you are interested you can add me... I usually play gta 5 on my "killstreak7754" account and the other 2 on my "thewolfgamer443" account...
not to be "that guy" but you can put more than one quote in a poste. also ill add you for cod and minecraft


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Looking for PS4 Minecrafters. I know Im late in the game but hoping still someone out there playing it. My ID is Drannon, CST time zone. USA. My world is set up with a zombie spawner, sky grinder, nether portal, end portal, medium world with a world map.


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Hey I'm looking for people to play with. I'm 26m. I live in the US. I like to build in creative mode. I have a small Town I'm working on. I play survival too. Add me. My username is thefitzgibbon


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Hello im InSaNiTy_2N4 I'm looking for a girlfriend who enjoys playing Minecraft and other games on the PS4 im 13 I'm a very nice person so if you'r so if your a girl and is 13 or younger (12 no younger than that) and you're single send me a friend request if you want a boyfriend



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Minecraft survival fun

playing minecraft survival as i post, looking for others to join me or i am willing to join others (preferably survival). psn: delphosXoni
just started a new map.


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Hi my 7 yr old daughter would love players of similar age for fun play on minecraft, she plays on my psn id sussexman please send a message with minecraft in message so as i know to accept for her


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My name is Owen and just a little about me.... I am a dad and a husband. I got a 3yr old boy named Wyatt and a 1yr named Emily. My wife is name is Sara. I'm 30 years old and mostly play games offline by myself. My son not yet interested to play. If you play Minecraft ps4 my psn is Owenator2000x

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