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Looking for other players in Minecraft? POST HERE!


New Member
Hey I would like if some people joined me just for some gameplay of any kind
I'm a Redstoner and realistic house builder
please add me and just state why (because I'm paranoid about that kind of stuff!)
and we can play
15 yr old
South African
only english speaking
sorry for long post


New Member
Hi there looking for others to play minecraft on ps4 i am 7 year old, any other kids from the Uk thankyou


New Member
Looking for people who want to build in survival, or get platinum, or just add me anyways i still might wanna play haha, 18 on the east coast. GT ChefBoyarburnout


New Member
Anyone who would like to do a survival with me

i have been playing minecraft every now and then and would like anyone who would do i survival with me and know any cool things they can show me on minecraft that would be great :)


New Member
I am doing Minecraft Society of people to join.
MUST have a mic and speak English.
Contact on
PSN: TheJasher
Thanks -Dwaven King Ashworth
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New Member
MineCraft RP server

Must be able to speak english
Follow orders of staff and owner
Do not break anything
Do not steal
You must never break character
No RDM (Random killing)
Respect other players
Stick to the jobs you pick
No begging admins for Emeralds

Server is based on an emerald economy
You start with 5 emeralds and food
Jobs will earn you more emeralds
Emeralds can buy houses, weapons, shops etc.
The server does contain drug references FYI
You will be kicked or sent to jail if you break a rule
Large town map with hotel, working casino and many shops and houses

The server is PS4 only contact PYRO_PRO111 to join!


New Member
I've got a world setup if anyone wants to join and also I would just like to add friends to join there games as well

Psn: Turtleing


New Member

Needing somebody to help me complete Minecraft Trophies. Just need to chuck a diamond at somebody, unfortunately I don't have a second controller so I can't simply log in on split-screen.

Not sure if anything I give you will save to your character to pay for your troubles, but if it does then I have a brand spanking new set of diamond armour to give to whoever helps me.

Thanks in advance.

PSN ID - sgtturdpants
Timezone - GMT (England)


New Member
Hay all I'm looking for others to join my world my psn is link99xz on the ps4. Send a firend request with a brief saying on who you re and why you want to join. See you in the world


New Member
My PSN is Thomas2141. I work on big projects and find aging anole rather dull. I'm hoping that I can find a buddy or two to help me build it, but hey, the more the merrier.


New Member
Still a minecraft noob. I go on play around but haven't made it to the end. Or explored the nether all that much.
I do have a mic, but can be quiet/shy, 27 male.
PSN: f_dog80


New Member
Looking for minecraft players

Just looked my to start a new world with at least 3 people just wanna relax all night and play all night


New Member
Hey guys. I dont care what your age is, as long as you wanna play minecraft and you arent annoying. My GT is scream5982


New Member
Anyone add me badgerskunk is my psn , play time UK , looking for people to help build me and my sons world, and also to join in with survival and games , thanks :)


New Member
Hi new to ps4 minecraft (havent played in a few years since xbox360 version) looking for an active multi person server that enjoys building. I have mic and prefer mature people :) add Snarf1313 psn
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