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Looking for other players in Minecraft? POST HERE!


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If you are looking for other players to play "Minecraft" with - whether it is for fun, co-op or competative - please post in this thread!

Don't forget to add your PSN ID and timezone as to help others find you!

Happy playing!
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hey, looking for someone to play minecraft with on ps4.
ive started a new world hoping to make a nice house in the jungle with a waterfront view
unfortunately, i find playing alone boring and i find playing split screen rather annoying
let me know :D :p :confused:

itsjaydeyo x
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Looking for about 3-7 fun people

I would love to have a lot of fun playing minecraft with a lot of people to please lets get a really good group of fun people together and enjoy this awesome game together


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anyone know a good place to find some ps4 minecraft friends.

im looking for some friendly people to play the survival mode of minecraft with on ps4. idk any good forums. So plz if you play minecraft and would like to play tonight add me. Tank_Rebel69 plz have a mic thanks. And a good forum would be nice thanks.


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Hey everyone, I LOVE Minecraft. My PSN ID is AxleHavoc, I'd love to add you as a friend. I do enjoy survival mode, but my favorite is Creative Mode and just making amazing idea and collaborating on Engineering feats! Come have fun. I'm Eastern Standard Time. PSN ID again is: AxleHavoc


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Ps4 minecraft

Hello all, I'm looking for some cool people to play the game with. I'm pretty new and I already see it can get boring quick by yourself. I enjoy survival mode but I'm up to play whatever. I play on ps4
Ultrabored1 is my ID.


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Hey everyone, looking for ppl to play minecraft with, mainly for my 11 yr old daughter really. My id is skunktank01 if anyone fancies helping a bored little girl out! Could do with some public servers like on pc!

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