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Looking for a spare 30 day trial PS+ code

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I just bought Fifa for ps4 and I want to play a few games with my friend. I've never had PS+ and I don't have a credit card to use the trials so I was wondering if anyone has a spare 30 day code they wouldn't mind donating to me?

Many thanks.


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You can buy psn gift cards, not having a credit card isn't a valid excuse. PS+ is a great service, just pay for it if you would like to use it.


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I believe even if you get a 30 day trial, you still need to have a credit card on hand.


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I've never had PS+, but I'll be looking for some guidance as and when I get a PS4. Just the smallest date/priced one to start off with to see what the fuss is about. From my understanding you can buy them in game stores and in the larger supermarkets here in the UK. I think I've seen them on shelves in clear cases (similar to how you'd buy a game disc – just without a front cover in the case). Or is this PSN? I'm always confused between the pair…

I must admit I've never seen a 30 day one – whichever one it is that I've seen in the shops. The smallest I've seen here in the UK is three months (90 days), unless I've just not looked hard enough… I presume you'd just pick one up and take it to the counter to pay for in whatever method you fancy. What you actually do with it when you get back home though is a bit of a mystery to me at the moment…! I presume you just enter whatever code it has into your PS4 to activate it? Much in the same way as buying iTunes vouchers?
Your better off buying a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription £39.99 chances are if you do get hold of 1 from someone It'll probably be already redeemed


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Even if you use a trial code you have to input credit card information. I bought Destiny the other day and it came with a free month trial of PSN but i already got PSN. I was gonna give the code if you wanted it but it says right next to the code that you need a valid credit on file inorder to redeem the free trial.


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I have a 30 day code I never used. I already subscribed to the 14 day trial. Its just sitting here collecting dust.

I just bought Fifa for ps4 and I want to play a few games with my friend. I've never had PS+ and I don't have a credit card to use the trials so I was wondering if anyone has a spare 30 day code they wouldn't mind donating to me?

Many thanks.


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I purchased a One Year Playstation Plus subscription off of Amazon for 10 dollars cheaper than going to a retailer (this included shipping, taxes, etc...).

Keep in mind, this was in Canada.

With Black Friday (US) and Boxing Day (Canada) coming up in the next few months, there will also be deals. Last year on both, PS+ subscription cards for One Year were half price at some locations.

I know you were looking for a 30 day one.. But something to keep in mind if you are wanting to get a longer subscription at some point (the monthly free games are great too.. Octobers one is, oddly, enjoyable!).


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I'll be closing this thread as it is no use anymore as the OP must of found one elsewhere (haven't logged in since their first and only post). For future reference, please try not to make any threads looking for trials/codes/etc. Thanks guys.
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