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Left trigger not working

I have the newest type of ps4 controller, and I decided to replace all the buttons, joysticks, and triggers

After replacing them, the left trigger usually will not work, and you have to push it repeatedly to make it work, and even then it only works sometimes

I thought the problem was with the new trigger, so I put the old one back on, but it still won't work

I thought the problem was the wiring, so I switched the guts of the controller (motherboard, battery, silicon button cores, etc.) with another controller, and the L2 still won't work.

I've tried resetting the controller, placing the trigger in at every angle possible, putting a ball of tissue between the trigger and the silicone pad, and just about everything else I can think of...

Does anyone know what's wrong? How do I fix it?

(The trigger fails in all games, so I know it's not the playstation itself)

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Sniper Kitten
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My guess is you messed up the contact behind the silicon pad. You have to be careful not to damage it. When I tear down controllers, I take great care not to touch the electrical contacts behind it or scratch them in any way. My last tear town, I accidentally folded over the plastic contact thing that goes over everything. My trigger didn't work until I took it apart again and reseated everything. Check that perhaps. Telltale sign is the trigger feels stiffer..

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