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KSIGlobal On PS4

KSI Viktory X

New Member
Hello, my name is KSI Viktory X, and I am an Officer and Recruiter from KSIGlobal.com. We are an adult oriented, 15 year community with a heavy focus on rank structure, casual and competitive play over multiple platforms and numerous titles. Our initiative is to build the largest and brightest community for all.

K – Knowledge
S – Strength
I – Integrity

Our community is broken down into Divisions, with squads within those Divisions. I represent Lost Empire (LE) Division. Recruiting for Sentinel Squad and a newer squad in the future. We recruit for Destiny (Destiny 2 in the future) and CoD Black Ops 3 (Infinite Warfare/Modern Warfare and WW2 in the future). We also play Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six: Siege among other titles casually or competitively depending on interest. I am recruiting specifically for PS4, however can direct you towards an Xbox Division if you're still interested.

Requirements for Joining

-Must be 16 or older
-Must utilize Discord (App)
-Agree to follow our Code of Conduct and Rank Structure
-Join our KSIGlobal.com Website
-Agree to be active for squad events whenever possible.

If you are interested in joining, leave a comment or send me a PM and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. I will refer you to all links you will need privately as necessary.

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