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Kingdom Bound, a clan for Destiny, Warframe, and More!


New Member
Kingdom Bound is a Christian Gaming Clan. In Kingdom Bound we build bonds with one another and consider each other apart of the family, and because of that we always have fun in what we do.

Kingdom Bound is primarily stationed in Destiny 2, but we don't limit ourselves there. Many of us play Call of Duty, Rocket League, Battlefield, Battlefront 2, and other games so odds are you'll be able to find someone playing what you're playing. We even have a clan in Warframe!

Everyone in Kingdom Bound communicates through Discord. In Discord we try to update our channels in coherence with what's popular in the group, and we also have several dedicated channels for scripture and prayer to help encourage and support each other.

Although we are involved in many games, we are suffering from the pulls of life and many have had to put aside spending time with the clan in order to take care of more important things. So we are reaching out to you!! Come join us and become apart of our gaming family, and help us revive Kingdom Bound!

If you have any questions or are interested in joining comment, DM me, or send me a message on PSN. We hope you become apart of our gaming family! God bless!!

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