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Kinectless Xbox One Coming In June


New Member
So this is finally happening. What do you guys think? Will it help the Xbone sales? Does it just go to show they really have no vision? What does this PlayStation centric community think?


I Shall Finish The Game
I think I am going out and buying a ONE once the non kinect version is released. So yeah I guess it will help sales. As far as the vision, Unfortunately the XBOX ONE project was being led by a concussed monkey. There has been a change at the helm and it shows.


New Member
I knew this would eventually happen. People don't like being forced to use something, just like the Xbox one is doing now with the Kinect. Microsoft knew they could get away with it for a while but now they are being forced to change there ways.


New Member
Kinda surprised, but I saw it coming in a sense. Devs weren't too interested in the Kinect. It was a good peripheral for voice commands and watching TV, but gamers hated it because they want games. The Kinect appealed to the more casual, Netflix-watching crowd. It'll help them catch up in terms of sales, but they probably pissed a lot of their early adopters off. An XB1 without the Kinect is just a less powerful PS4. I'm sure it will close the gap here in North America, but it won't really help much in other parts of the world since it's available in less countries.


Well-Known Member
I remember when they said they would never sell the Xbox One without the Kinect. I remember when Major Nelson said they can't reverse the DRM. It's a wonder the console isn't called Xbox 180. :p


, , The Enforcer, ,
I remember when they said they would never sell the Xbox One without the Kinect.
Yep,I was about to post that too.

So not only are they liars (one could say they changed their mind,which isnt lieing is it) they are looking to catch up to Sony.
No Kinect,dropping the price of the console and certain features like Netflix etc can be used without Xbox gold all say they are doing everything they can to boost sales.
If they were ahead in sales do you think they would be doing all this so soon? ..lol..nope.
And does this make the console any better? lol..nope.

Sorry to sound like a fanboy here,even though I hate pretty much everything about the Failbox None,except the color,green it's quite a nice color..lol
(please,no hate comments on my wording of the failbox none and my obvious fanboyism of Sony..lol)


New Member
Yet another 180. Hmph... I thought the Kinect established the One as the perfect entertainment system.
Fair enough, I can't blame them. Either look like liars or lose the console war permanently with an overpriced piece of hardware. Too bad the Kinect simply couldn't live up to expectations, it really was pretty promising.


New Member
It's about time, really. They've lost the console release battle, and this is a desperate attempt to win the generation war. I think this is too little, too late, but it all depends on the exclusive IPs in the end.


New Member
So this is finally happening. What do you guys think? Will it help the Xbone sales? Does it just go to show they really have no vision? What does this PlayStation centric community think?
I think It'll help immensely, not only should it make the Counsel waaaaaaay cheaper, but its getting rid of something that alot of gamers will never use anyways, and so its a pointless accessory that not many persons really wanted in the first place...


, , Darkness, ,
I found this news rather amusing. Xbox decide to scrap something that costs 100. Why didn't they offer this from the start? I mean its got to be all about money right? I feel sorry for those who actually bought this with Kinect unless they're a huge Kinect player because I can see very few games being developed for it.
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