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Just a quick intro.


New Member
Hello Chaps

My names Allan and I am 23, I just recently made the jump from Xbox 360 to PS4 so i was looking for a forum and stumbled across this, so thought i would introduce myself.

I do not have many games as of yet i only have:- NBA 2K14, MLB 14 The Show and Watchdogs.

I will be purchasing some more soon, so if you would like to add me feel free as i only have 3 friends on PSN (All from work lol )

My ID is : Pope_Snoopy

Thank you for reading, have a nice day :cool:


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Welcome to the forum Allan/Snoopy.
There are quite a few Ex-Xbox360ers here now that also decided for the PS4 this generation.
Welcome to the Sony fold too. :eek:

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