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Issue with controller update


New Member
Hey Everyone,

I am trying to get on my PS5 this morning and when I do, I am getting the normal update your controller message. When I try to skip it and "Update Later" it just goes back to the normal initial loading screen telling me to "Press the PS button on your controller". I have been stuck in this loop for 30 minutes now.

I have also tried to connect my controller to the console using the USB cable to actual perform the update, but that button is greyed out and will not allow me to do the update. I have looked for videos or any sort of information on the internet, and it all says I need to disconnect the controller from the PS5 which I cannot do because I cannot get passed the stupid logo screen.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do here?



New Member
Turns out my USB cable was apparently not working as it should. I tried a different one and it worked perfect. Its the simplest things that always cause the biggest issues.
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