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Issue on PS5 and console sharing option


New Member
Issue on PS5 and console sharing option. Purchased a new PS5 for the basement tv room. Our main PS5 console is upstairs and when I setup the new unit in the basement I selected console sharing and offline. Things seemed to work fine all upstairs games were available to play under my account and my sons account. The issue is when he tries to play on the upstairs machine now it’s asking that the software be purchased. Is there a fix for this?


Staff member
Don't shoot the messenger with what I'm about to say. Ok?

Since launching the PlayStation 5, Sony has a frown upon game sharing. Therefore, they've been banning accounts that game share. Doesn't matter the region, but that's what they're doing. Each download, each purchase, does not matter digital or physical purchase - each purchase has a "license." That token of a license is for the account that purchased it.

And no, I don't know why physical disc has the "license," because in my view you BOUGHT the disc.

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