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Is there any reason everyone wants to be a vampire/werewolve


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I dont get it either...

Is it just ascetic or is there any boosts or other reason people are so desperate to be bitten!?

I looked into it briefly and it seems like something players would want to avoid. 50% increased fire damage taken and 65% slower health recovery? Um, no thanks.

I think maybe it has something to do with the Vampire / Werewolves fad that Twilight and whatnot started but I'm way too old for that.

Ancient Demon

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I think maybe it has something to do with the Vampire / Werewolves fad that Twilight and whatnot started but I'm way too old for that.

Haha, there probably are a handful of people who are twilight geeks but personally I just really enjoyed being a werewolf and a companion on skyrim so I am playing a werewolf on ESO as well.

On another note the system of being turned is pretty ridiculous from my experience, tons of kids at the spawn points trying to control who gets bit and trying to sell bites by killing and camping the spawns every time
Nevertheless I endured the nonsense long enough to get my wolf and got out.
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I don't care for that twilight stuff I just like the idea of being a werewolf lol now if I can just find their spawn point plus seeing them transform is bada$$
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I suppose because people want that element of being special and different and being something that they know they can never be in real life and can live out that fantasy in an 'in game' world. I also suppose its because they have interesting stats and allow a lot of RPG elements such as only mixing with other vampires and being shunned by society.


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Werewolf 15% stam regen no downside even if u never use it still just a bonus
Add that on a redguard nightblade you are getting 30+30+15+5 regen
And 236 stam a hit more
Its like infinite Stam if you weave ability heavy ability ability roll
You never run out.
Plus with animation cancel
I can put out a light ,heavy, wrecking blow, heavy, ambush ,heavy, killers blade in like 1.5secs
If you do it from stealth its a one hitter most times plus you still full stam after the cancel combo
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