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Is the PS4's UI and party chat so much beter than the Xbox's One's? Seems so


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Anyone who's follows' youtuber Drift0r will know his vids are very good and informative.
Check this vid and his take on why the Xbox One's UI and party chat is broke and inferior to PS4.

Would also like to know people's opinion on this who own and play both consoles.



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I have both systems, but I am in the Xbox One preview program so I am running beta software and mine is a little different. Keep in mind this is only my opinion, I am not saying it is correct. ;)

I like both systems and will try to be impartial, but about all I really agree with in this video is the Xbox Ones dumb proprietary headset jack and the needed headset adapter. He did fail to mention the Xbox One "does" comes with a headset though, which negates a lot of him going on and on about it.

Also sure with Xbox Live there have been times when there were problems, but I don't really think anyone can honestly say that Plus is any better. Both have had outages and problems or problems with some games at times.

As for him going on and on about the "confusing" UI, its just Win 8 and works exactly like Win 8. I kinda prefer it over the PS4 UI as it's the same UI as on my computers and even my tablet. The UI is how it is, you just "learn" to use it like any new thing and it will become routine and easy.

I, just seconds ago, used some of the friends features and chat features on both systems and many of the other things he did not like are really his personal preferences.

The PS4 party chat icon is right there in the single line of icons easy to find while the Xbox One party chat is really anywhere you want and you can get to it many ways (say it, double press, or click it) as on the Xbox One you can customize a lot. So just as easy to use and find as you put it where you want.

The Xbox One chat works in a sidebar window and you can still play your game or watch TV at the same time which he didn't seem to mention. The PS4 chat is full screen and you have to back out of your game to use it. I have never had the Snap window take as long as he claims to open or any problems with it.

The friends lists are similar, but again the Xbox One adds more stuff like Leaderboards, hours played games, players reputation system, etc.... Both 1-2 clicks to access so simplicity or more???

When I turn on my PS4 its a simple blue screen with a single line you scroll thru and most of the main features are right there. When I turn on my Xbox One its like I am looking at my Win 8 computer so sure there is more of a learning curve because there is "more". Not saying "more" is better or worse, just "more".
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