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In game chat


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Sorry if this has been asked but i skimmed through and couldn't see anything on this topic. was just wondering if people have problem with hearing others talking when playing online multiplayer. I played private match and my friend said he could hear me but i couldn't hear him. It was the same with the other multiplayer games in COD.

Tried the mic that came with the ps4 and also the one with my headphones that i use, both worked, just not while playing. Does anyone know what the problem is?


The mic that comes with the PS4 is not very good; it'll get the job done... to some small degree. I cannot image your phone mic it that much better. Have you tried adjusting the microphone settings on the system itself? PS button > settings > devices > audio...

Also if you are in a private chat, you have the option to make the game audio more clear or the chat audio. If you are having problems hearing him it is probably because you chose to give game audio precedent. The difference isn't that significant, it is just the way the audio is mixed. The game will still sound awesome so I'm not even sure why this is an option.


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i play with a group of guys and we randomly have this issue. Usually leaving the party and returning fixes it and if that doesnt, closing the Ghosts app and relaunching it does. In fact we had this last night...there were 6 of us in a party and there were 2 or 3 of us that couldnt be heard by others until we did this. you didnt specify if you were using party chat or ingame chat?


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Check your NAT settings in Network Settings! This can be caused by having a NAT setting other than OPEN/unrestricted. Even if your game and PSN are running smoothly you may find that voice chat services and video will not work correctly. Some routers automatically port forward the necessary addresses but you cannot be sure.
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