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I needed my TV to be a little taller..


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Hey everyone, so I have a 55-in Philips I've had for a few years and my PS5 was obstructing my view of my TV, also I wanted to give my PS5 plenty of breathing room, I have on top of my dresser in my room which also has my TV on top so I wanted to raise my TV a little bit but I didn't want to connect the riser to it or connect any kind of ball joint thing to my TV because then my TV will always look crooked, so I was looking for something to put under the legs of my TV but they'll give me enough height, I bought these two metal storage boxes that are thick steel that I could put with my TV on top, it looks pretty straight and is very sturdy, tell me if this would be okay?


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I'm having a hard time finding a video I saw, but you can buy arm mounts, wall mounts or similar mount.

Nevermind, I found it... [2:27]

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