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I love the PS4, but come on they really did this?


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Come on Sony I can believe you put a proprietary plug on the end of the PS4 eye camera which means the PS4 can't be more than 6 feet from the camera. That is until some third party company comes out with an extension cord. Next, Sony I can't believe we can't get Dolby Digital 5.1 sound from the HDMI cable, that we need a Fiber Optics audio cable.

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What kind of connector is it? Is it truly proprietary? Post a picture of what the connector looks like.


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It looks like a USB but it's not a standard USB its a little taller. Look at the AUX plug in on the back of your PS4, thats where the camera plugs in, its different than the USB's on the front.


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Do you really need such a long cable? Maybe you are trying to go for a wireless setup? Nevertheless, it's always a bad thing when they don't think about these small detail on pre-development of the console.


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It looks like a USB but it's not a standard USB its a little taller. Look at the AUX plug in on the back of your PS4, thats where the camera plugs in, its different than the USB's on the front.
My PS4 *just* got delivered a few minutes ago. I'll have to take a look when I open it up, once I get through the rest of this work. I now have the utmost motivation to work as quickly as I can to finish it though. Haha.


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They probably did that so 3rd parties (or they themselves) can release an add on accessory -_- clever little sons of..


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Microsoft did the same thing, the connector for the Kinect is proprietary and looks weird. No worries though, it's only a matter of time before some enterprising soul creates an extension for it and you can finally get the space that you need. It's just patience until some one or Sony themselves makes it.


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It is annoying when you realize that the connector is a brand new creation by the company in order to stop users from connecting the eye or Kinect to other devices. It's only a matter of time before they both cash in and create extensions for people to buy or yeah someone with a brain creates one and sells it for cheap online.


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I'm just waiting for the internet responds and creates a solution to the connectors of both consoles, but I'm willing to wait until they get a handle on it. Certainly I'm thinking that Sony and Microsoft are going to charge ($20-$30) for an extension if they even make one. At least when some guy with too much time on his hands makes one, the extension will probably be cheaper.


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Ugh, I hate when they do this. This is exactly the same they did with the Vita; instead of using the standard they decide to create a new memory.
It's just matter of time though, like everyone else said.


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It's more annoying than anything else.You have to just be patient when companies create things like this because we all know that they are just waiting for another payout when they give us the extension for however much they are going to charge. Really it's a countdown to see whose going to come up with it first Sony/Microsoft or the gaming community.


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Im sure an extension will be out soon so you won't have to worry much longer. Just be patient and everything will eventually be okay


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I feel your pain. I have a projector setup and if I put the camera at the top of the screen it won't even reach the floor. Let alone to the AV rack 10 feet away. So far my research has turned up nothing but a couple other people asking the same thing. Fingers crossed.


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I hate it when companies use proprietary plugs. Why can't we just have USB and mini-USB? Can't wait until everything is wireless and we can just laugh at the times where we had to deal with wires at all.

Do you really need such a long cable? Maybe you are trying to go for a wireless setup? Nevertheless, it's always a bad thing when they don't think about these small detail on pre-development of the console.

What if you've got a projector set up? I've always wondered if anyone had a projector and a Kinect/Eye/Wii, just because projectors will usually sit at the back of the room or on the ceiling and the connected devices would be near them.


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Did you really expect the PS4 to be 'perfect'? You will need to wait until they release more products so your wallet will surely be lighter than ever. That's the beauty of extra things that could have been looked into before releasing the system :p


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All consoles do something similar to this. One element of the console prompts the need for an extra thing that they could've just did in the first place. Nintendo could've always made their handhelds bigger, Sony could've put four player ports on the PS2, Microsoft could've done...whatever...there's the whole "this console has more space than the first wave of this console" thing as well.


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No 5.1 through HDMI? Does that mean there is no DTS-HD etc? Man I hope there is, I'm off to look now.

Edit: Well there's Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD so I have no idea why you can't get 5.1 over HDMI...
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