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How will i be able to transfer data from PS3 to PS4?


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What will be the best way to transfer my data from PS3 to PS4 when it comes out? I have an after market 500 g HDD. I heard you could back up your stuff on Playstation Plus. Should i back up and then download to PS4 when it comes out?


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Uh, I'm not entirely sure what you would want to bring from your PS3. It's not really going to have a lot of stuff compatible between the two. What do you mean, specifically? Like, your profile and stuff? Because Sony will just be able to port that over automatically when you sign in, you won't need to back it up or transfer it or anything as far as I know.


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Unfortunately i think you will have to download everything again. For your movies and music, because those are personal files, you are going to have to pick up a USB drive and transfer them over by hand. For the save files, you will need Playstation Plus anyway, for the PS4 online, so just get it and transfer the files to the cloud service.


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Cool awesome yeah thats what i was thinking of doing. Has anyone heard of any word of when GTA V will be available for PS4? I have it now for PS3 and i know that its also available on the PSN. Do you guys think ill be able to purchase it on PSN on PS4 and download it while still be able to use the same saved data??? Just curious on your thoughts.


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You mean a PS4 version or PS3 version but downloadable to PS4 (like PS1 and PS2 games are on PS3).
Well there wont be an actual PS4 version as far as we know and as for PS3 version downloadable to PS4 I doubt that. Then any PS3 game on current PSN store would be able to download to PS4 and Im sure thats not happening.


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You won't be able to transfer things automatically. They are two completely different systems built on different architectures. There will be instances where certain games that you've bought for the PS3 will allow you to upgrade to to the PS4 version for an added cost. Final Fantasy XIV and Call Of Duty: Ghosts comes to mind. Otherwise, your purchases and physical games will not transfer from PS3 to PS4


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For transferring data I would just pick up a USB pen and move it on to their and then your PS4. Your saved games should be able to download again if they are compatible with the PS4. More likely story is that your games won't be able to download again on the PS4 so you might as well keep your PS3 hanging around if you want to keep playing your saved games.
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