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How to Handle The Transfer of non-PSN affiliated Accounts on the PS4 to the PS5


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On my PS4 I have a primary account/user (that's me) who is connected with a PSN account and I have several accounts for minors none of which have online access because none have email addresses; they are local users/accounts only. The built in transfer feature ONLY works with accounts/users who are linked to a PSN account. How do I handle copying from the PS4 to the PS5 all the info for these non-PSN affiliated accounts/users? I went to the Game Save Data management within the PS4 UI but within the game save data it makes no distinction as to which profile/accounts/users game save data I cam copying to a USB drive to then copy over to the SP5. Is that Game Save Data within tee UI account specific meaning its only showing me the game save data for the user I am logged in as meaning I must log in as each user and perform this came copy to a USB drive to do this and if so does that I mean I must first on the PS5 setup a new account for each user on the PS4 I will be copying game save data over for?
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