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How often do you play PS3?


New Member
I play the PS3 every single day of life. To me it is the best video game console on the market. The graphics and the user interface is by far the best in the world and on the market. There is just a wide variety of game for the PS3 and each and every one usually does better than the next release. You could not ask for a better video gaming system than the sleek and optimal size of the Playstation 3 system and console.


New Member
The last episode of Season 2 of The Walking Dead comes out soon. Once that is done my PS3 will be becoming a dedicated netflix/bluray machine for my kid's toy room. It had a long, happy life.


New Member
Not that much anymore. I used to play with my PS3 for at least 10 hours every week but now I barely touch my PS4 let alone my PS3.


New Member
I play it daily for a few hours. It still has a lot of games I want to try and I keep getting them little by little. I love my PS4, but it just doesn't have the catalogue the ps3 has yet. I think it will be quite a while before I start playing my PS4 more than the PS3, I just keep discovering games that I missed and want to play.


New Member
I don't play on PS3 as often as I used to when the current-gen consoles weren't around. You could say that I had not other option. I think my last game on this console will be AS Rouge which isn't coming on current-gen platform.


New Member
I have not played it in nearly 10 Months; it's mostly a Blu-Ray player now. But I've only got one game, GTA V, and that's coming to PS4 soon


New Member
I still play on my PS3 a bit too often. I'm going to stop for a while and finish up the remaining two Assassin's Creed games on PS4. Those being Unity and Syndicate.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
love ps3, and playing every weekend :)
I still have a backlog of games on that thing I need to work through. Though, since I moved and got Andromeda, I haven't even turned it on except to stream Netflix. But I just bought the PS4 media remote since I use Vue for TV so it hasn't even been turned on since :(

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