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How often do you play PS3?


New Member
When I first got the PS3 I was playing probably around at least 5 hours a day or more. Recently though I have not been playing PS3 very much, I've just been busier with other things, so I only play PS3 about once or twice a week now. How often do you play and how long for?


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Usually play every day for about an hour or two. Trust me, it used to be a lot worse. 7 days a week, 6 hours a day. Thankfully I've cut down.


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I play a lot in bursts. I could not pick up the controller for a week, but once i get a new game, i will play it for 3 days straight with little breaks in-between. It helps me not getting bothered from gaming if i do it like this.


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I play sporadically just about every day. It's mostly the WSOP games though out of boredom when my friends aren't on to RDR. But if there is a big title coming out, i'll play like a complete fiend.


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I try to play every night for about 45 minutes. I play 1 whole game of NBA 2K13. If not, I try to hone my skills at Tekken for a few minutes then move on to Fight Night Champion. During the weekends, I play for hours if I don't go out. When I was a lot younger, I would play 3 hours every weekdays and about 6 hours every weekends.


New Member
I play mine quite often. I have a few titles I've still yet to play and more games that I want to buy.
it does depend whether I have work or not because I'm rather tired after work. I do find it every relaxing
and fun to play my Playstation though and I don't think I'll stop playing it just yet.


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I just binge on playing PS3 whenever I get a new game that I want to finish. I'm not too aggressive with having to finish games right when they come out nowadays and I just put them on the back burner for when I have more time instead. I find that playing games in marathon mode until completion with all my tasks finished is much more fulfilling and give me less guilt for playing too much. On binge periods I would usually spend a whole week playing 3 hours average or until completion, then I forget about playing for a while again.


New Member
When I first got my PS3 I wasn't really playing all that much, simply because I couldn't afford the games I wanted to play and only played Street Fighter with my buddies when they were over at my house, but recently I started buying single player games I like to play so my PS3 gaming hours have increased tremendously.


New Member
A lot lately due to TLUO. But before that, I'd jump on and play Skate every once in awhile. But I watch Netflix/etc on it every single day, for at least an hour or two a day.


New Member
Probably daily since its the summer and I have a lot of titles to go through and catch up. A lot of JRPGs (Ni No Kuni oh my god...it's like it never ends) as well as The Last of Us.


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Nowadays, my playtime is very sporadic and not really tied down to any sort of time frame. If I had to guess, though, I'd say around two hours on weekends and maybe an hour on weekdays. Sometimes I'll go back to a few games just to see if there's anything I missed, then I end up playing upwards of 5-6 hours getting those missed things. Back in the day I'd play for countless hours, and that just might be the case again with the new consoles very soon.

Clark Wayne

New Member
I actually haven't played my PS3 in months to be honest. Mind you, its not because I don't want to play it, its because at the moment I can't. My controller died on me and I just haven't had the money to replace it yet. I did buy a cheap wired controller but eventually the wires short fused and that stopped working for me as well. Right now I have to focus on college and work so I have to make every dollar count. This means gaming hasn't been my main focus as of late. Hopefully things will change for the better soon and I will be able to purchase a new controller.


New Member
I actually use mine nearly everyday. Playing games is not only what the ps3 can do, I really enjoy the youtube app and seeing the videos on my big tv resolution, although it does take a while to input searches (why cant they just use the same as the Internet browser?). Not to mention all the blue ray movies I use the ps3 for.
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I use my PS3 for streaming Netflix, which I do very often. In terms of playing games, though; I play a lot less than I used to, but I tend to go in phases. There are a couple of games I still need to finish and a ton of games I want to buy for it. Right now I'm kind of in an Xbox 360 phase, so I haven't played in a while.


New Member
Recently not as much as I used to but I still find time to play it when I'm feeling bored and don't quite care to play any Steam games. Also I find that I'm playing the games less to beat them now and more to just mess around such as Just Cause 2 or Red Dead which isn't that bad since I'm still having a blast.


New Member
Not really that often anymore. I'm primarily a PC gamer but I own a PS3 for the good exclusive titles that come out, so I might perhaps take it out once a month and then play it every day for a week or so until I complete the game. The last game I've played through like this was the Last of Us, and now the console is gathering dust, waiting for the next great hit to come out.

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