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How many Xbox 360s have you bought?


New Member
I've had two Xbox 360s. One was stolen while moving from Birmingham and then the one I have now. I also have some others that I didn't buy.


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I have two Xbox 360s, one for home and recording, and one for LAN parties. I am planning to put both of them on ebay as I do not play with these systems anymore. I have been playing mostly PC and PS4s so yeah. Theres no point in having them.


New Member
Still on my Legacy 360! Whooooo! Seriously though I cannot for the life of me figure out how people are murdering their consoles like this. More importantly I can't figure out why people are buying more following one horrible experience. I just don't know.


New Member
I have 3 of them. One was for me, and the other two were for my kids. Now that I have a PS4, all 3 of my kids each have their own Xbox, and I can finally sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet while gaming. :D No more, "Dad, I wanna play on the Xbox, but my brothers won't let me"!

And, I bought them all in 2009, and haven't had any issues with any of them.


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I currently have 2 so I can play co-op with my girlfriend without having to split-screen. Same goes for PS3 also.


New Member
I personally have never bought a Xbox 360 because that is my older brothers job. I will tell the story how we have had three Xbox consoles, the very first xbox we had was the original then my older brother sold it and payed the rest to get a Xbox 360 brand new at the time, then after a while that one started to get old and overplayed and it died by the three red rings and could not be fixed, so now a few years went by and we got another Xbox 360 then when that one got old my older brother needed some cash for some reason and decided to sell it, then that Christmas he decided to buy a Xbox 360 for my younger brother the problem was is that it was one of those four GB or eight GB Xboxes and I rarely play it because of the space and my files always being deleted.


New Member
I personally have owned two Xbox 360 consoles in the past, both of them have been retired. Both consoles had the red ring of death and we're totally fried after I did that towel trick a couple of times. If I would just repaired them the usual way I would still have both of my consoles today. I learned my lesson.


I think I have owned two Xbox 360s. My launch console and a later iteration. I currently do not own any.

Negative Zero

New Member
I've only had one 360, and I still have it. I bought it after the first price drop, I can't remember how far back that was. I never got the RROD, and it still runs and plays great. It's noisy as hell and doubles as a space heater, but it's had a lot of loving use over the years. I'll probably put it in the spare bedroom soon.


New Member
I have only brought one Xbox 360, but it broke down soon as ig stopped working. I haven't bothered with it after that.


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bought 3 xbox 360 two of the 360s red ring on me and only buy a ps3 the 80gbs one and its still work today with all my other sony stuff

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