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How many Xbox 360s have you bought?


New Member
How many Xbox 360s have you bought or gor replaced because of hardware issues? I currently have three sitting in my room with only one of them working. The first one I bought went down because RROD, my second 360 had hdmi problem, and the third one which is the Arcade bundle is the only one that works for more than two years after I got it.


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I had one, turned it in within 3 weeks of buying it, got it back almost a month later, RING OF DEATH AGAIN. So I sold it to a local gaming store then I sold some games to buy another one, my kids like some of the xbox games so I figured wtf? They had the xbox, I had the ps3.. BUT the new one I bought didn't even last an f'n day. So... I sold that one and used the money for ps3 games and 2 bills.

My PS3? I have the fat ps3 since 1 hour after the PS3 launch and it's still kicking stronger than Chuck Norris.

My first PS3 is still in my house, have never had another ps3 KNOCK ON WOOD.
I have an original Xbox 360, the models that had the RROD issue. I never play it though, only used for for Fable. I lent it permanently to a friend. My ps3 on the other hand, only my 2nd. First one had the yellow light of death.


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I never had one but my nephew was an xbox fan.
Had one of those the original Pro versions,fixed 2 or 3 times for RRod,all under warranty.
Then when it finally got RRod again 3rd or 4th time he got rid of it and bought one of the xbox 360 Elite ones.

Actually he gave the 20GB pro one to me,I have it in a wardrobe,I thought originally when he gave it to me I could have it fixed and sell it,never bothered though.

I on the other hand bought the PS3 80GB Phat Killzone 2 bundle release version. Still have and use it,no probs so far.

Mikey Paine

New Member
I'm not 100% sure, since I've had a 360 for half of a decade, maybe a little more. I 100% have had two, and I want to say that I've had three, but that's the most.

Only have my PS3 for two years, but I haven't had to buy another.


New Member
I've owned 3, but only because I switched backed and forth from PS3 to xbox 360 a few times.. lol. I currently don't have one, and do not plan to ever get another.


New Member
Two - first one lasted 14 months. Second one is still powering on since Christmas Day 2009.


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I bought two. First one didn't break or anything. I just got bored with it and sold it after I bought my PS3. When I started getting bored with my PS3 I bought another 360. Once I bought my PS4 I sold them both.


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We had two, traded one in for the black version with a bigger hard drive. Sold the older one before the new consoles came out. Now we still have one because I still have some games to finish and we have some friends that don't have the next gen consoles yet, and have never had RROD.


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I bought a 360 last summer for ridiculously cheap. I play it fairly often, I'm mostly playing either PS3 or Wii U though.


New Member
I've bought zero. PlayStation is the best. haha
Now seriously, I don't like xbox, I don't like the exclusives and I don't like the controller either. PlayStation all the way!


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I bought three xbox 360s, one for myself and one for my brother. My brother wanted one of his own because he couldn't stand having to argue over xbox rights and I had the extra money one year so I just bought for him. The third xbox I bought because for some reason my original xbox was processing way slower than my friends. It got so slow that it started to annoy me and I'm a very conservative and cheap person.


New Member
I know that I might sound off as biased but the Playstation is just so much more reliable than the Xbox. I have one PS1 that still works till this day, I had a PS2 Phat which I sold off because I wanted a slim and the Slim that I got still works fine, and I only have one PS3 60GB which was a launch console that is still working perfectly up to now. I hope that Sony can keep this streak with the PS4 and touch wood I don't have to buy a second one.


New Member
I never actually bought any but my family had only one and it lasted us the whole duration until my brother got it, he still has it, and it worked just fine so we never had to worry about getting another one. Guess that is pretty boring but hey less money wasted.


New Member
2, my first got the red ring of death. I got a PS3 after the RROD. A year or so after I got my PS3 I got another 360, which has lasted me to this day.

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