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How many PS3's have you broken?


New Member
Me, I have went through 3 ps3's, they seem to be non-stop breakingon me, and if the one I use at the moment breaks, it is going to smashed to a million pieces, covered in chicken grease, locked in a box, and buried in the middle of a desert in an unmarked grave.

Getting real sick of yo shit ps3.

Back OT: I will probably stick to pc gaming if my current one breaks, and I will buy a new one second hand somewhere.


New Member
I was the luckiest guy on earth with PS3. All of my friend either broke them or the PS3 died. I have mine for like seven years. You know the big one and it works fine ! With the cost nowadays you can buy the PS3 slim at low price so don't bother about breaking them :D.


New Member
I think I must be lucky too because I hear a lot of people and even my friends saying that their PS3 console isn't working and they had to buy about 3 consoles. I have my console for about 5 years now and it is still working in tip top condition. It is one of the phat ones and I must say that it has been reliable ever since the day that I got it.


New Member
0 so far, but I'm guessing mine will break anytime now. I have to force disks in and the fans are almost always at full speed.


New Member
I must be lucky as well because I never broke my PS3! Then again, I did take extremely good care of it and would clean it out often. You would be amazed at how quickly dust collects in the system!


New Member
None broken, I usually keep my consoles where they won't fall and they're not in the way of house traffic and stuff.


New Member
I've never broken one. I waited for the second version to come out as I suspected the first one would be a bit buggy and probably the second one would be a lot more efficient, and I'm glad I did because I've never once had a problem with the slim type. Also, I try to keep it well ventilated and if I'm going to be playing on it for a long time, I usually set up a mini fan behind it just to be safe. I don't know whether or not that really helps much, but I imagine it does.


New Member
I had 2 PS3's - a fatboy 60GB on release at £499 and a slim 160GB when the fatboy YLOD on me which cost £212 and came with Virtua Tennis 4.

I'm not sure "I" broke it more like it had reached old age (6 years old LOL) and it was it's natural time to go.

I much preferred the 60GB machine - whisper quiet disc drive, could run linux o/s, media streaming, card readers, 4 x USB ports and looked god damned sexy!

The slim just felt cheap and nasty with a clunky drive (but worked okay and was less than half the money!)

After finsihing GTA V and as much of GT6 as I could I traded in for a PS4 and haven't looked back.

Well except wanting to play South Park and The Last Of Us!!


New Member
Thankfully, not a single one of ours has broken. Same with our 360's. I think we've just got extremely lucky considering the death rate of the 360s especially.


New Member
I've never broken a PS3, they just weren't reading discs one day. While I have fixed PS2s before and recently my cousin's PS3, at that time I didn't want to risk it and just sent them in to get fixed.


New Member
I haven't gone through any. My BF did go through 5 Xbox 360s though, geeze! What does that say about the console??


New Member
Haven't broken mine yet. I've had it for over six years now, no complaints, no issues. The only system I had to go through multiple of was the Gamecube, but that's probably from overuse, haha.


New Member
I lost one of the big clunky original PS3s. The power system broke gradually and eventually stopped working at all. I went out and got a PS3 slim instead and it has lasted me ever once and is still working well.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
How are you guys going through so many PS3s? All my friends are Playstation gamers and they are all on their original consoles, a couple with fat and launch consoles. I was the only one to have one break. It was a laser issue and I opened her up and put a new one in. A pain in the ass to do but pretty fun :)


New Member
Whoa! I've never broken a PS3 before (cheers!) I was just too careful with it because I bought the damn thing with my first salary, it better last me a while before it breaks in my face. But my friends have PS3's have been breaking left and right and I was wondering what kind of PS3's they got cause mine has been doing fine since 2007, never had any problems, well except for that one time where it went dead in the middle of a game then turns on again, but I think it's just some sort of power issues.

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