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How is the console version of Minecraft?


New Member
I've had the PC version since it was in alpha, and I periodically go through phases of playing it excessively.

My laptop isn't the best, and struggles to handle it on render distances higher than Low (usually I stick to Tiny since I get slowdown on Low quite often). So a console version, one that would run just fine for everybody, seemed like a good idea to me. But upon reading more about it, it seemed kind of limited. Small world sizes along with other issues made me decide not to get it.

For those that have both versions, which do you prefer and why?


New Member
I think Minecraft might be one of those games better left to PC. It's free, whereas on console it's $60? Why would you choose the latter?


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Just to confirm it, Minecraft is coming to both the PS3 and PS4, with it being on the PS3 first. And if you're paying $60, then somebody is ripping you off as here in Australia it's only around $25-30 - and our country is one of the most expensive prices for gaming.

Anyways, I've played the Xbox 360 version and definitely plan on getting the PS3 version when it releases. I love the game on the 360, in fact it's the only reason I still have a 360. PC will always be the superior version of Minecraft, but for us that do not have a PC for gaming it's fantastic and addictive.

Slowly, the 360 version is catching up to the PC with all the updates. I know the Xbox One and PS4 versions will have much bigger worlds.


New Member
For the most part, they are kind of the same thing. PC allows greater view distance, larger worlds, and mod support, but for the most it's kind of the same. Aperture. Minecraft is only free if you're playing Minecraft Classic. The actual game on PC requires you to purchase a copy. If someone's trying to sell you minecraft for $60, you'd be better off just giving them your wallet because they are generally stealing from you. It's $20 on the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

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Console version falls behind on updates and the worlds are much more limited than the PC version. Not too bad, regardless, but the Minecraft hardcore really love their massive worlds.


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Its ok and from what I hear, it is going to improve a lot when it comes to the PS4. That said, PC is still the only way to play Minecraft as far as I am concerned. The difference is quite obvious.


New Member
If you are used to the PC version, I wouldn't suggest switching to the console version. The console version is fine, but it is not nearly as fleshed out as the PC version. You are going to find that the console versions are always a step or 2 behind the PC versions.

Dark Septagon

The Tru7h is Darker
Like most things on console compared to PC Minecraft has been cut down in ways. It also is not updated nearly as often like the PC version.
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