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How Excited Were You When The PS3 came out?


New Member
I would totally stoked when it came out. I would have to say that i never anticipated a console release more than that one. I think its because I am a Playstation fanatic through and through. My first console was a PlayStation 1 and i adored it. I am anticipating the PS4 too, but i am little worried about the price.


New Member
I was equally as stoked. I loved PS2 and so anything better in my mind was going to be mind-blowing. The PS3 did live up to the expectations I had of it, and still I think it's a great console. The PS3 will not get old simply because the PS4 is out, I think only in perhaps another couple of years will I be viewing the PS3 as outdated. I can't wait for the PS4 too, but it will be a fair while before Sony gets more money from me!


New Member
Yeah. The PS3 is still on relevant standing. I think in 5 more years, it might be on the same level as PS2 is right now.


New Member
It was great, I had to buy a new HD TV as well just so I could experience the HD graphics in full.
My first game on it was Sonic, not the best game to try out the graphics but hey it was a start and it was great.

It was the first time I got to experience watching movies in Blu Ray as well so that was an extra bonus!

What was your first game/movie on the PS3?


Professional Escapologist
It just kind of happened. The launch titles weren't that good and the only thing that made me want one was Motorstorm that i played at a friend's house. I only bought one 3 years after the original release, and i think i made a good choice by waiting it out.


New Member
I think it's good that you waited it out. You spent less money on it than most of us did. I think I will do the same thing for PS4. That system will cost a decent amount of money.


New Member
I wasn't that excited actually since I was still milking my PS 2 dry. I was still having a blast with games like Okami and God of War 2. Couple that with the lackluster launch of the PS 3 and it's hyper elective price and I completely lost faith in the console. Fortunately, the price dropped and a lot of great games came out.


I wasn't very familiar with video games at the time, so I wasn't too excited. All I had was an original Xbox, and played Halo 24/7.


New Member
Jesus Christ, I was REALLY excited when I heard of the Playstation 3 from a magazine for the first time. When I read that it would be released in a few months, I literally jumped around my room due to excitement. I really wanted to buy the console so bad.

The funny thing is I didn't even get to buy the PS3 :p. Oh well.


New Member
I didn't really care about the PS3 when it first came out. It wasn't until just a few months ago that I finally bought it, and that was mainly because I didn't want to spend $100 on a Blu-Ray player alone. I also wanted to play PlayStation exclusives, and that's obviously not something you can get elsewhere. I was more excited for the Xbox 360 when both systems came out, but that's because the PS3 was like $600 and that's an absurd amount for any console.


New Member
I wasn't too excited about it when it came out since there were not much games for it that I was really interested in enough at the time. Also, I didn't really like how the first PS3 looked, so that factored in to my overall lack of hype towards it. I did like the cool graphics though, but I don't really care that much about that anyway. To be fair, though, I don't really get hyped that much about these things except for when I see something I really like.


New Member
I wasn't overly excited, nor was I not excited at all. I was happy to say the most. I enjoyed playing some games like Spyro on the PS2, so I was wondering when the PS3 was going to be released so I can play Spyro in that as well. I quit before actually hearing anything about the PS3, so I just forgot about it. I never got around to getting it on release date, but a few years after.


New Member
I was fairly excited, but not as much as when the PS2 was out. I was the first out of my friends to get a PS2 and so this is what made me more excited I think, plus back then I was younger and so that is also why. I was more excited about GTA 4 than I was for owning a PS3. I knew GTA4 would be an awesome game and so took to buying it as soon as I could. Yes, I was definitely more excited for the available games than I was for the actual console.
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